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20th January 2015

A more flexible way to acquire IT

Epoq IT’s asset Financing and Leasing Plans allow you to acquire the solutions you need now, with payment plans that are spread over time. With a plan that is flexible, you can make timely upgrades and additions, often without increasing your monthly repayment amount.
Leasing not only allo"Epoq IT’s asset Financing and Leasing Plans allow you to acquire the"s you to improve performance by acquiring the latest technology without tying up capital or existing lines of credit, but it also protects you against future obsolesce.

Key Benefits
Paying for technology products and solutions over time offers companies many benefits including:
• Improved Cash Flow and Instant Return on Investment
By making monthly payments over the duration of a finance agreement, businesses can spread payments over the
useful life of your equipment, rather than having to find the capital up front.
• Tax Savings
Regular, monthly payments can qualify as a trading expense and are therefore tax deductible, making the
acquisition of IT services and product more cost-effective.
• Increased Flexibility for Future Upgrades
Technology changes rapidly, and avoiding obsolesce is key to staying ahead. With leasing you can expand or upgrade
your systems as the need arises. • More Available Budget
Instead of spending lump sums on rapidly depreciating assets, you can allocate resources to where they’re needed
most giving you the freedom to invest in other areas of your business.
• Fully Flexible for All Your Technology Needs
Financing solutions can be tailored to suit your particular business requirements – whatever combination of
products and solutions you require.
• Unaffected Bank Lines
Our financing solutions have no effect on your other borrowing options.
• A Straightforward Financing Solution
Epoq IT is an Authorised Finance Partner with priority access to WestWon’s state-of-the-art online quotations
systems – ensuring businesses always get a rapid response to their finance enquiry.
There has never been a better time to upgrade your equipment with the most up to date technology, but by working
with Epoq IT, we can help you spread the cost of repayment in-line with the useful life of your
technology allowing you to upgrade to ensure you always have access to the latest technology for your business.
For a no obligation quote, or to find out more about our finance and leasing options contact our sales team on
01494 444 065.
Epoq IT’s financing options are carried out in partnership with WestWon who are members of NACFB and the FLA
(Finance and Leasing Authority), so you are guaranteed a safe and high quality service.
Our Finance Partner WestWon is a leading provider of equipment asset finance and leasing to all types of companies
in the UK, both large and small. As a WestWon Finance Partner, we have access to a wealth of
experience in leasing and provide advice on the best options for today’s fast-moving business environments.
WestWon are members of respected asset finance and leasing bodies such as the FLA and NACFB.
For more information about WestWon Tel: 01494 611 456 or see

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