13th November 2014

Patch Management is no longer an option

Patch management is a critical part of maintaining the security of your systems and network.

If your business is connected to the internet it’s a case of when and not if that you will suffer a security incident of some description in today’s world.

Just how bad yoour business is affected will come down to its IT infrastructure and policies and a major part of this is patch management.

The era of the ‘internet of things’ is gathering pace so this isn’t even just relevant for computers these days but fridges, vending machines, smart meters. You name it they will need patching.

Attackers have got faster at breaching systems, and an unpatched network is like leaving your back door open in an undesirable neighbourhood.

Good patch management is now an essential part of any IT function, it allows you to push out tested patches to server and workstation operating systems and also third party applications and plugging any security holes. You can also quickly deploy patches in emergency situations.

Patch management is now as important as having a good Anti-Virus solution.

Symantec released an interesting safety notice based on a patch this week

Issue: Vulnerabilities in OLE could allow remote code execution

Solution: Patch your systems today, Microsoft Security Bulletin MS140-064

Workaround: Be wary when opening email attachments and avoid clicking unknown links
in emails. Avoid downloading Office files from websites or through file

Epoq IT managed service packages are designed with the future in mind, our Gold and Platinum packages include full patch management giving you peace of mind that your systems won’t be exploited by malicious attacks or infections easily.

To find out more please call our team on 01494 444065 (option 2) or email us at hello@epoq-it.co.uk

30th September 2013

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30th September 2013

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