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20th December 2013

Getting IT right at Christmas and the holidays

With all the many arrangements that need to be made at this busy time of year, there are a few things worth thinking about when it comes to your business IT systems.
Many offices close down or go to a skeleton staff over the Christmas period, though work often needs to carry on in many ways. "With all the many arrangements that need to be made at this busy time "Below are some points that will ensure a trouble free holiday.
Backup System
It’s important to remember that a backup system that requires manual assistance should be planned for. If the dedicated person for changing the backup tape/disk happens to be on holiday it’s a good idea to request to find someone who will be in the office during this period who can take on the role.
Offsite Data Storage
If your usual place of business will be closed or not as well populated over the festive period it is a wise precaution to ensure that a recent full back up in the form of a backup tape or hard disk is taken offsite. This will give you peace of mind if the worst should occur that your company’s data is safe.
Remote Access
There are many reasons why during this time, business may need to continue as normal but is hindered by outside factors. The weather can turn and create havoc with our business plans, we may be traveling as so many people do over this time or simply wishing to spend as much time with the family as possible. If you are not located near your office during this time it might be an impossibility to achieve your needs without a considerable journey. We recommend thinking about who might be required to perform urgent work over this period that doesn’t usually have remote access to office resources. We can assist in configuring or providing this facility and discuss your options. Whether this is remote email facilities or access to the company database.
Securing Devices
If the office is to be less used or closed entirely, it’s worth ensuring that any easily removable devices are locked away and secured with emphasis on laptops and tablets). Server rooms and cabinets should be locked and secured whilst backup devices stored in secure places.
Emergency Response
If there was an emergency at your regular place of business, do you have to hand the require contact details of your suppliers to ensure a quick recovery? Flooding, fire, theft can cause large business disruption so it is best to be prepared with at least the information you may need to address the issue.
If you would like assistance or to discuss any of the above Epoq IT are at hand and here to help.

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