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24th October 2014

How different can back up and Full business continuity be?

How different can back up and Full business continuity be?

Simple back up solutions are capable of protecting against loss, but not against downtime.

After a disaster, there is no plan of action for getting data back in a timely fashion.

When a b"When a business experiences downtime it loses productivity"siness experiences downtime it loses productivity, its ability to communicate, access to customers and most importantly revenue.

Business continuity takes backup and data recovery to the next level. The goal of business continuity is to ensure that in the event of a disaster, data is recoverable instantly, not slowly over time like with tape, local and online options.

Fill out our ‘Recovery time calculator’ below and see how much downtime can cost your business without a full business continuity solution in place.

Surprised? Call us for a free no obligation demonstration and learn the difference between basic back up and full business continuity and see how we could save you thousands

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