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17th December 2013

How Epoq IT delivers first class IT support

Your incumbent IT provider might be adequate in firefighting problems and resolving your technical issues, however in this day and age they must also be helping your business make informed decisions and bring true value by being organised, transparent and proactive.

At Epoq IT we have"Your incumbent IT provider might be adequate in firefighting problems "a state of the art helpdesk with industry leading software which help us monitor your systems, track you ticket history and quickly identify and resolve recurring issues.

Below are just some of the ways that the Epoq IT helpdesk provides first class IT support

Quick and Easy for clients to log any support issues.

If you require support you can raise a support ticket with the Epoq IT helpdesk by telephone, email or via our client portal on our website. Our advanced system tracks the ticket from open to close and will inform you of any updates made by our engineers. You’ll also get the chance to rate our service upon closure, this ensures our team are fully aware of how they are doing.

Transparency for the client.

We know that you only contact us when you have a problem, you will be frustrated and looking for a quick resolution. Here’s where communication is so important from our engineers which is also backed up by our system which will email you status updates and a secure login so that you have full visibility of any tickets your business has logged.

Make better, informed decisions on your technology needs.

Our account managers can see exactly what is going on in your IT and can provide you with detailed documentation such as IT roadmaps, weekly or monthly infrastructure or helpdesk stats. Our monitoring systems collates all information about your IT equipment and feeds back to our help software.

Keeping you systems running

Our helpdesk is kitted out with the latest software and hardware to ensure your business IT system is cared for at all times. Our advanced monitoring software discovers issues before they occur and automatically logs a ticket. It constantly reports performance figures and potential threats which are visible via dashboards on the ‘big’ screen in the helpdesk.

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