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29th September 2014

How to pick a proper password

We ran a 'thought provoking' security event with Sophos last week which proved to be a real eye opener to all who attended.

It highlighted what the threat landscape looks like and gave practical tips to help make businesses more secure.

We are sticking with security th"Free breakfast security event October 14th 8-10am Slough Aspire centre"s week, in particular passwords and picking the right one to be secure.

Did you know a password cracking server can try out 100,000,000,000 password's in under a second!

And did you also know that passwords do not get harder to crack if you add numbers on the end?

Watch this video from Sophos on more tips on how to be more secure and don't forget to join us at our free Sophos Security breakfast event at the Slough Aspire on October 14th 8-10am.

Call us on 01494 444065 or to book your place

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