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4th March 2014

Is Your Business Prepared For Flexible Working?

From April 2014 the right to request flexible working will be extended to cover all employees who have been with their employer for 26 weeks or more, widening the pool of people who could request to change their working pattern. If you are thinking about a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ strategy then"From April 2014 the right to request flexible working will be extended" we
have created a handy checklist to help you.

Start with the business objectives: How does it align with your business plan, how does this affect communications and operations? Decide what you are trying to achieve, is it to cut costs or offer an employee benefit.

Align with your IT roadmap: All of your IT infrastructure could change as cloud services, storage, network connectivity and security could all need to be revised as more workers connect remotely.

BYOD or CYOD?: Will it be a Bring your own device or choose your own device policy? Think about what devices you will allow and are required to do the job.

The policy police: You need to enforce policy, it’s your network and your data. Think about mobile device management software and monitoring tools.

Review security: The threat landscape gets more complicated as you open up your network to more devices and locations, think carefully and implement an expert solution

Communicate to the staff: Don’t assume because staff are using their own devices that they don’t need training – they will. Make sure all information is consistent and employees know what is allowed and what isn’t.

Test it: Test, test and test again before you rollout.
Call the team here at Epoq IT if you need any advice on implementing your BYOD strategy.

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