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7th November 2014

Is your business ready for the now?

"Every business will be transformed by digital revolution, regardless of size or industry" Dido Harding, CEO of Talk Talk

Over the next 3-5 years the digital revolution is going to gather an incredible pace, is your business ready for this or even aware of what this means.
"Every business will be transformed by digital revolution"ou are probably already aware of how reliant your business already is on technology but are you prepared for the rapidly changing IT landscape and both the opportunities and threats this presents.

Three simple questions might help you asses where you are:

1. Are you aware of your recovery time objective in the event of a disaster to minimise costly downtime?

2. Do you have an IT strategy that you review regularly to ensure your business is enabled by technology for growth and keeping up with the competition?

3. Are you aware of new technologies for your business and sectors and also the threats from cyber criminals and disruptive technologies?
If you have answered no to any of the above questions it’s time to think about your IT function and whether it’s a true partnership aligned with your business needs.

We’d like to offer a free consultation on your technology requirements where we will happily bring new ideas to the table for your business that you can use, either at your premises or we can supply the coffee and biscuits at ours.

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