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1st September 2014

IT threats!

Moving on from Hybrid cloud last week I thought it only fitting we discuss IT security. It’s a hot subject at the moment with corporations large and small being targeted, we should ask ourselves are we as secure as we could be?

Over the past year the trend has stood out, the growing"Don't let cybercriminals target you and your business" ability of malware authors to camouflage their attacks. Targeting individuals and businesses alike, data leeks and exposure was a major theme last year.
Cybercriminals have been able to elude being caught by placing their severs in the areas of the internet designed to resist surveillance.

Android attacks have also grown this past year, with cybercriminals targeting our identity and money; security is no longer an afterthought it’s a must have.

With this in mind we would like to invite you to our free event at the Slough Aspire centre on October 14th from 8am-10am to learn how to stay safe in today’s threat landscape (complimentary breakfast included).

Please call our sales team on 01494 444065 or email to register your place.

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