IT Services for Law Firms, Solicitors and Legal Services Businesses

Law Firms, Solicitors and Legal Services Businesses

Epoq IT works with many solicitors, law firms, and legal services businesses. Having much experience in designing, implementing and supporting IT systems for clients in highly regulated industries, we understand the risk and compliance issues that are faced by law firms, and how best to address these to ensure that systems are in place to protect you and your clients and ensure you are compliant with the standards set by regulatory bodies such as the Law Society.

With many of our clients sharing key concerns around data protection, safeguarding personal information, confidentiality, money laundering and identity theft, Epoq IT can provide specialist IT processes, security and documentation to ensure you, and your clients, are suitably protected. We get involved in all sorts of IT solutions for solicitors and law firms, working closely with the Practice Manager to recommend, design, install, support and document a wide range of IT infrastructure systems and projects to deliver:-
  • IT systems and projects to meet regulatory risk and compliance guidelines. 
• IT security, cyber security and data protection solutions.
  • Systems to support key business applications such as legal case and practice management solutions including Tikit, Eclipse, Cognito and many more.
  • Document management solutions.
  • Remote working solutions.
  • Provisioning and commissioning of IT for new offices.
  • Planning and managing office moves.
  • Internet and connectivity solutions.
  • IT Compliance documentation.
  • Reliability, resilience, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Proactive system monitoring to maximise system uptime and pre-empt problems.
  • Responsive support via our 24 x7 ITIL compliant helpdesk
So whether your challenges lie in compliance and risk issues, IT security and data protection, leveraging technology more effectively to gain a competitive advantage, managing an IT project or move, rolling out IT to new users or offices, making your systems run more reliability or simply providing better IT support, Epoq IT have the experience to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01494 444065 or email if you would like to find out more about our IT Services for Solicitors, Law Firms and Legal Services.

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