2nd February 2015

Does your business need a visit to the sexual health clinic?

Odd title granted, but there are striking similarities between biological viruses and computer viruses which business owners and IT managers need to make sure they are taking precautions against.

Take a look at how these compare below

Biological viruses and cyyber viruses parasitise on their host and can only replicate when inside that host.
Like a biological virus entering via the mouth or through contact a computer virus will also enter the host passively via an infected USB device or email attachment. Like a human virus causes pain, suffering and also death in some cases a virtual virus will slow down computers, lose data and completely damage the host’s hard disk drive.

Worms and viruses
There are different strains and a virus is something that when implanted can modify and spread with user interaction. A worm can spread without user interaction throughout networks and a Trojan ...

20th January 2015

A more flexible way to acquire IT

Epoq IT’s asset Financing and Leasing Plans allow you to acquire the solutions you need now, with payment plans that are spread over time. With a plan that is flexible, you can make timely upgrades and additions, often without increasing your monthly repayment amount.
Leasing not only allows you to improve performance by acquiring the latest technology without tying up capital or existing lines of credit, but it also protects you against future obsolesce.

Key Benefits
Paying for technology products and solutions over time offers companies many benefits including:
• Improved Cash Flow and Instant Return on Investment
By making monthly payments over the duration of a finance agreement, businesses can spread payments over the
useful life of your equipment, rather than having to find the capital up front.
• Tax Savings
Regular, monthly payments can qualify as a trading expense and are therefore tax deductible, making the...

15th January 2015

Epoq IT support FOUR Group and boost local economy

Two Buckinghamshire Business First Members join forces and boost the local economy

Epoq IT first came to the attentions of the FOUR Group when they won 2 awards at the 2013 Buckinghamshire Business Awards and the two would meet again several times over the next year at events organised by Buckinghamshire Business First. One of those events was a workshop to promote the benefits of entering the 2014 Buckinghamshire Business Awards, where both Gary Swanwick of Epoq IT and Paul Mott of the FOUR Group spoke.

It was soon after this that the FOUR Group decided they needed a more proactive IT partner, and turned to Epoq IT. After previously contracting this work out to a London-based company they felt they needed a company that was local to them, so this move brought business back to Buckinghamshire and kept the supply chain local.

The FOUR Group is a multi-disciplined Construction consultancy company working across the county and ...


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