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18th August 2014

RIP Tape Backup

  What a pain it must be for businesses backing up data to tape, not only do they often tend to go wrong due to the moving parts but from a MSP point of view supporting it is a challenge, continuous replacements under warranty, causing endless call outs, wasted time all round. Heaven forbid "  What a pain it must be for businesses backing up data to tape, "hould a business actually experience a failure and require a full restore from a tape then invariably it doesn’t always work too well. So why then do companies still continue to go down this old antiquated way of backing up their data when there are far better ways of securing data nowadays?

* Cost may be an issue; many companies believing tape backup is the best value option.

* Hassle moving across. Many companies may believe moving from what they believe is their fail safe to a different system could lose their data.

* Just haven’t got time to look at another option. If it ain’t broke why fix it!

We understand all of the above reasons, we would argue why the need for change if all seems to be going well, however times are changing, our data is growing, our customers are ever more demanding and expectations are as high as ever, downtime costs us all money. We can go beyond backup and demand a full system which delivers full continuity to our businesses with Datto Hybrid Cloud.

Datto Hybrid cloud gives businesses the capability of instant virtualisation and image based backup, storing backups locally or in the cloud; meaning if you experience a failure your system can be virtualised instantly keeping your data secure and carry on as usual from the cloud allowing you  time and resource to fix server issues without incurring downtime or compromising data. Starting with your workstations and servers it protects data locally across the LAN to the Datto appliance from there it’s stored in the cloud.

The advantages are endless and to be honest we could talk for ages on why Datto is the way forward for businesses, although I believe I have talked enough, only one thing left to say…..RIP tape backup, hello full business continuity.

More info I hear you saying?  Click on the link below to see a video of how it can work for you or call the team here at Epoq IT to arrange a no obligation demonstration on 01494 444065.  

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