2nd February 2015

Does your business need a visit to the sexual health clinic?

Odd title granted, but there are striking similarities between biological viruses and computer viruses which business owners and IT managers need to make sure they are taking precautions against.

Take a look at how these compare below

Biological viruses and cyyber viruses parasitise on their host and can only replicate when inside that host.
Like a biological virus entering via the mouth or through contact a computer virus will also enter the host passively via an infected USB device or email attachment. Like a human virus causes pain, suffering and also death in some cases a virtual virus will slow down computers, lose data and completely damage the host’s hard disk drive.

Worms and viruses
There are different strains and a virus is something that when implanted can modify and spread with user interaction. A worm can spread without user interaction throughout networks and a Trojan horse is a program that makes a computer available to malicious or non-authorised users.
Either of these can be latent (like HIV) and become active after a certain period of time.

How biological and virtual viruses spread are similar too, a worm can spread like the common flu bug but viruses spread through infected disks or email attachments much like an STD.

As with biological viruses you can protect your business through simple hygiene standards. Having good anti-virus protection is an absolute must but in today’s world of global attacks and high-profile security risks it is simply not enough. Well-configured, business-grade Firewalls plus good, secure business Policies and advice and guidance from IT professionals all helps to ensure your business stays protected..

If you’d like to find out whether your business is doing enough to protect itself please contact our team on 01494 444065 who would be happy to guide you.


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