21st August 2014

Stay Safe in Today’s Threat Landscape Event with Sophos – 14th October 2014


Here at Epoq IT we’ve teamed up with Sophos to bring you an event that your business cannot afford to miss at Slough Business Park

Learn how today’s cybercriminals target your computer, identity and money, and get practical advice on how to combat anything that comes your way.

Sophos security experts will explore how malware threats actually work and what you can do to protect your company today.

We’ll show you:

• What the threat landscape looks like, how it’s changing, and trends to watch for

• How a layered security strategy provides better protection

• Practical tips to make your business more secure

Slough Aspire Centre
350 Edinburgh Ave

With complimentary breakfast.

Call us on 01494 444065 to secure your place or email our team at hello@epoq-it.co.uk

20th January 2014

How Epoq IT delivers first class IT support

Your IT service provider might be adequate in firefighting and resolving your technical issues, however in this day and age they must also be helping your business make informed decisions and bring true value by being organised, transparent and proactive. Below are just some of the ways that the Epoq IT helpdesk provides first class IT support Quick and Easy for clients to log any support issues. If you require support you can raise a support ticket with the Epoq IT helpdesk by telephone, email or via our client portal on our website. Our advanced system tracks the ticket from open to close and will inform you of any updates made by our engineers. You’ll also get the chance to rate our service upon closure, this ensures our team are fully aware of how they are doing. Transparency for the client. We know that you only contact us when you have a problem, you will be frustrated and looking for a quick resolution. Here’s where communication is so important from our engineers which is also backed up by our system which will email you status updates and a secure login so that you have full visibility of any tickets your business has logged. Make better, informed decisions on your technology needs Our account managers can see exactly what is going on in your IT and can provide you with detailed documentation such as IT roadmaps, weekly or monthly infrastructure or helpdesk stats. Our monitoring systems collates all information about your IT equipment and feeds back to our help software Keeping your systems running Our helpdesk is kitted out with the latest software and hardware to ensure your business IT system is cared for at all times. Our advanced monitoring software discovers issues before they occur and automatically logs a ticket. It constantly reports performance figures and potential threats which are visible via dashboards on the screens in the helpdesk.

17th January 2014

Epoq IT chosen as IT partner for global project at Systagenix

Epoq IT are delighted to be assisting Systagenix Wound Management plan and prepare for a global hardware refresh, preparing them for the retirement of Windows XP and replacing their ageing, user hardware.

Systagenix is a global leader in innovative wouund care established in 2008 following the acquisition of Johnson & Johnson’s professional wound care business by One Equity Partners.
It was recently acquired by KCI.

Epoq IT will be providing IT services to carry out the migration to include imaging, configuring and transferring data to the new Windows 8.1 Tablets and Windows 7 laptops and desktops. The 600+ tablet, laptop and desktop rollout spans several global locations including offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The rollout will also include migration to Office 365 for all Systagenix office and field based employees.

James Clark, Technical Services Director at Epoq IT comments “The team here at Epoq IT are perfectly suited to add value to such a project. Our team has the project management and technical skills to ensure that the rollouts are completed on schedule and to a very high standard”

13th November 2013

Could your business continue without its data?

Data loss is common place in any sized business. At Epoq IT, we regularly take service requests to restore deleted files, folders and emails due to accidental loss. These are the simplest of recovery requests but are only made simple when there is a working backup procedure in place. Imagine therefore, increasing the severity to a complete loss of server or computer holding all company data and then imagine that there is no working backup procedure. It is surprising how many businesses are at risk of exactly that, as you can see from the stats above.

Whenever we take on the support of a new customer, this is always the first thing we review and we will implement an adequate backup procedure as a matter of urgency if required.

In the past, one of our customers had a hardware failure within their File Server, upon which all their critical data was stored. We had previously implemented a daily backup procedure which backed up all data on the server every week night. We had also implemented a recovery solution which allowed us to take regular snapshots of the server. With these processes in place, the hardware issue was resolved by replacing the faulty parts under the manufacturer warranty and then using a combination of the snapshot and backup tape to restore the server to its latest, working condition. The business was without their server and data for several hours rather than days. If there had been no working backup procedure in place, the effects would have been disastrous and the business would have struggled to continue trading.

In our professional opinion, having no backup is the greatest risk to any business and we would urge you to seek advice if you have nothing in place.

The disturbing facts:-

  • 99% of businesses do not perform a daily backup
  • 60% of backup jobs are actually incomplete
  • 50% of restore attempts fail
  • Just 25% of backup tapes are stored off-site *

*If tapes are stored on-site at the time of a fire, they will be destroyed along with the server and the data.

The effects of data loss can be catastrophic:-

  • On average, by the 6th day of a major data loss, companies experience a 25% loss in daily revenue. By day 25 it is 40%.
  • 43% of companies that experience a severe data loss disaster and that have no recovery plan in place, never re-open.
  • Did you know that the law insists that businesses take care of their data:-
  • “You must safeguard your own or anyone else’s data, by appropriate precautions against loss, corruption or unauthorized disclosure” – Data Protection Act 1998


13th November 2013

Windows 8

Did you hear all that noise in October? That was the sound of Microsoft launching its new operating system, Windows 8.

But what does this actually mean? Here in the Epoq office we believe it really is a massive shift in the way everyone will use Information Technology; with huge benefits for the business user.

Most people already own multiple computing devices and the estimates are that in the future, the average person will own and use 7 devices consisting of phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs etc.

So what effect will the new operating system have?

Well, at first glance I thought Microsoft had revisited the past and come back with a glossy version of Windows 3.11, if you’re old enough to remember that?! But no; there is so much more to this operating system and I can almost hear business users putting their iPad’s away in their drawers!

Windows 8 is designed to enable us to collaborate and share. Microsoft’s aim is to make our lives easier by providing the same operating system irelandonlinepharmacy.com on each of our devices and therefore, replicating the same settings and information. Very importantly for businesses, the operating system is also compatible with all of those classic applications that most businesses use day in and day out, no third party apps required to fit in.

This certainly isn’t a comprehensive review of the new operating system but the noises being made about Windows 8 in the office here are very positive. Windows 8 provides the platform and apps which allow everyone to work, play, connect collaborate and share from any device.

Windows 8 will come in 3 versions: a version aimed at business users, a version aimed at home users and the RT edition for use on tablet devices such as Microsoft’s Surface tablet which is released this month. So the signs are good for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) revolution and we honestly think the latest offering from Microsoft is a game changer.


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