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13th January 2014

The End of Windows XP – What this means to your business

The clock is ticking for Microsoft‘s extended support for Windows XP as it comes to an end on 8th April 2014.

The grim reaper is out for the most popular operating of the last decade since its release in 2001.

But what does this mean for you and your busines"The clock is ticking for Microsoft‘s extended support for Windows XP".

Generally speaking there will be no more technical support from Microsoft, no more security patches or non-security updates.

Running Windows XP after this date may leave your business exposed to security and compliance risks and also problems as vendors also halt support of their products working with Windows XP. Performance issues and extended downtime are also very likely.

• Windows XP will no longer be patched
• Windows XP will no longer be supported
• Windows XP will no longer be updated
• Windows XP will be 4 times more likely to be compromised
• Windows XP machines will take 7 times longer to repair than Windows 7 / 8
• Windows XP machines will expose your whole network and put it at risk for intrusion
• Windows XP will not be compatible with most software
• When Microsoft drops the Support in April so will all the Software vendors

What your business should be doing

• If you have not started your migration, you are late
• Start testing software that is running on Windows XP to make certain it will work the same on Windows 7 or Windows 8.
• Create a plan for when you need to migrate, don’t leave it till the last minute, the HACKERS wont

If you need any help understanding the options for your business please do not hesitate to contact Epoq IT by calling 01494 444065.

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