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6th January 2014

What’s in store for 2014 – IT Trends

Here at Epoq IT we provide expert and strategic IT support to businesses through many different sectors, this gives us great insight in what’s going on in the IT landscape.
To help you prepare for the future we have picked some IT trends that Gartner have identified which we think could be "Here at Epoq IT we provide expert and strategic IT support to business"elevant for businesses in our portfolio.
If you would like any further information on any of these please contact us for expert, strategic IT advice.
Mobile Device Diversity and Management
Through 2014, the growing variety of devices, computing styles, user contexts and interaction paradigms will make "everything everywhere" strategies unachievable. The unexpected consequence of bring your own device (BYOD) programs is a doubling or even tripling of the size of the mobile workforce. This is placing tremendous strain on businesses.
Companies now need to look at mobile device management to control mobile and tablet devices whether they deploy their own devices or employees bring their own.
Hybrid Cloud
Bringing together personal clouds and external private cloud services is an imperative. There is no clear definition for hybrid cloud but it’s a combination of computing resources.
This could be a combination of shared resources such as public cloud, plus dedicated resources such as on-premise private cloud, hosted servers, off-premise private cloud.
The flexibility and scalability of a hybrid cloud solution mean it could be a good option for growing businesses and those who have a mix of office and remote users.
The Era of Personal Cloud
Could also be known as ‘bring your own cloud’, the personal cloud era will mark a power shift away from devices toward services. In this new world, the specifics of devices will become less important for businesses although the devices will still be necessary. Users will use a collection of devices, with the PC remaining one of many options, but no one device will be the primary hub. Rather, the personal cloud will take on that role. Access to the cloud and the content stored or shared from the cloud will be managed and secured, rather than solely focusing on the device itself.
Smart Machines
Through to 2020, the smart machine era will blossom with a proliferation of contextually aware, intelligent personal assistants, smart advisors, advanced global industrial systems and public availability of early examples of autonomous vehicles. New systems that begin to fulfil some of the earliest visions for what information technologies might accomplish — doing what we thought only people could do and machines could not —are now finally emerging. Gartner expects individuals will invest in, control and use their own smart machines to become more successful.
3-D Printing
Worldwide shipments of 3D printers are expected to grow 75 percent in 2014 followed by a near doubling of unit shipments in 2015. While very expensive “additive manufacturing” devices have been around for 20 years yet growing rapidly. The consumer market hype has made businesses aware of the fact 3D printing is a real, viable and cost-effective means to reduce costs through improved designs, streamlined prototyping and short-run manufacturing.

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