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13th November 2013

Windows 8

Did you hear all that noise in October? That was the sound of Microsoft launching its new operating system, Windows 8.

But what does this actually mean? Here in the Epoq office we believe it really is a massive shift in the way everyone will use Information Technology; with huge benef"Windows 8 is designed to enable us to collaborate and share"ts for the business user.

Most people already own multiple computing devices and the estimates are that in the future, the average person will own and use 7 devices consisting of phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs etc.

So what effect will the new operating system have?

Well, at first glance I thought Microsoft had revisited the past and come back with a glossy version of Windows 3.11, if you’re old enough to remember that?! But no; there is so much more to this operating system and I can almost hear business users putting their iPad’s away in their drawers!

Windows 8 is designed to enable us to collaborate and share. Microsoft’s aim is to make our lives easier by providing the same operating system on each of our devices and therefore, replicating the same settings and information. Very importantly for businesses, the operating system is also compatible with all of those classic applications that most businesses use day in and day out, no third party apps required to fit in.

This certainly isn’t a comprehensive review of the new operating system but the noises being made about Windows 8 in the office here are very positive. Windows 8 provides the platform and apps which allow everyone to work, play, connect collaborate and share from any device.

Windows 8 will come in 3 versions: a version aimed at business users, a version aimed at home users and the RT edition for use on tablet devices such as Microsoft’s Surface tablet which is released this month. So the signs are good for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) revolution and we honestly think the latest offering from Microsoft is a game changer.

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