News Article

6th January 2015

Would Your Business Benefit from a New Year IT Health Check?


Whether or not you already have an IT partner no"Is your business ready for 2015?"w is the time to make sure your IT system is ready for both the opportunities and threats that 2015 will present to your business.

For a limited time Epoq IT is offering a free, no obligation assessment of your IT systems with report and consultation.

Our Network review will cover

•Patches, Anti Virus and Security – Are you fully protected?

•Internet speed analysis and potential upgrade options

•Network Performance

•Underlying and potential issues

•Warranty detail for IT equipment

•Backup assessment and business continuity or recovery options

•General technology overview - are you ready for the future?

•Full report and consultation meeting

To book your no-obligation assessment please call 01494 444065 (option 2) or email us at

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