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4th June 2014

Zeus Game Over : What do you need to know and what do you need to do?

You have probably all now heard about the new security threat reported widely in the media. This refers to a variant of the known ‘Zeus’ virus, called ‘Game Over’.

This is malicious software which has been stealing personal and financial data on PCs worldwide that will then a"You have probably all now heard about the new security threat reported"low access to banking or financial information. The virus also distributes another particularly aggressive “malware” program, called ‘Crypto Locker’, which encrypts all files on a target’s computer, including personal data, and then demands a “ransom”.

Our clients have been contacted and should already be well protected against this threat but please ensure:

1. Your Antivirus software is up to date and run a full system scan for peace of mind.
1. Ensure MS Windows and software programs are kept up to date
2. If you use your PC for online/personal banking your bank may offer you an additional security program such as ‘Rapport’.
3. If in any doubt, run the free Sophos Virus Removal tool (which will scan for multiple threats) from here:

4. There’s also a free tool available from Symantec specifically for this issue:

Further information on this issue can be found on the National Crime Agency website here:

If you would like any further advice then please don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Epoq IT on 01494
444065 or

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